There are many approaches to preventing theft and loss in your business, but sometimes simple tactics are the most effective. That’s what one cannabis dispensary discovered when teenage burglars drove a minivan through their front glass doors looking for cannabis.

Leaving the stolen minivan running, the burglars scooped up the products from the display cases and a few T-shirts for good measure before running out. An estimated four burglars helped break into the Native Roots Dispensary in Colorado Springs at 1 a.m. that morning, including one or two in a getaway car, according to reports from witnesses and local police. Witnesses saw them speed away and wrote down the license plate number, but no arrests have been made so far. Local law enforcement attempted to approach the getaway car, but the driver went around police and hit a patrol car on the way past, causing minor damage.

While the burglars might have thought they hit the jackpot, the owner of the dispensary had the last laugh. The display case was full of “non-cannabis” products like the cooking spice oregano (the real stuff is kept in a safe), so the burglars were in for a nasty surprise when they smoked it.

This isn’t the kind of threat that is limited to cannabis dispensaries. There had been a rash of these teenage, smash-and-grab robberies in the Colorado Springs area. Several businesses have been targeted, and thousands of dollars in property damage are racked up every time they drive a stolen vehicle through a storefront.

Still, there are simple security steps that can prevent additional losses. Though the Native Roots Dispensary property was damaged, they were able to prevent cannabis diversion to minors (and the bad PR that comes with it) as well as the financial losses of losing real inventory. Following security protocols (and likely your state’s laws) means keeping your cannabis secure at all times.

Dealing with Property Damage

Although Native Roots Dispensary did not lose any of their product, they did face significant costs for repairing their storefront after removing the minivan from the sales floor. These kinds of costs can be covered under the right cannabis dispensary insurance policy. Property protection is a critical element to recovering from major losses due to theft, vandalism, fire, and other damages. This kind of policy can also cover product liability and business interruption coverage. Be sure you understand your policy now before disaster strikes.

Property owners should look to their commercial property insurance policy to help recover from damages to the building and premises. But does your insurance company know that you are leasing to a cannabis-licensed business? If not, you may be in for a shock when they drop your coverage or refuse your claim because your tenant was a cannabis business. You shouldn’t have to live with that uncertainty. Take a look at our commercial property insurance coverage. We have experience working with cannabis businesses and the property owners who lease to them, so we understand many of the complications that often arise and can work through them. We work hard to meet your unique business’s insurance needs.

Image source: Google Street View