As a medical doctor, you likely already have a medical malpractice insurance policy in place. Unfortunately, most malpractice insurance policies contain certain exclusions. Therapies involving the use of medical marijuana are often among these exclusions, as cannabis is unapproved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

You need doctor’s insurance to protect you against claims of medical negligence. You can be held liable for administering the wrong medication or wrong dosage of said medication, for prescribing medication that negatively interacts with other drugs taken by the patient, for prescribing medication without taking the allergies of the patient into consideration, and for not mentioning all the possible adverse effects of the medication to your patient. Patients can claim that the drugs prescribed by you have caused dangerous side effects, or that you have prescribed certain drugs after providing a misdiagnosis. Patients can also file a malpractice lawsuit against you.



Protect Your Image & Practice

Medical marijuana insurance is designed to protect your image and your practice. First of all, let’s assess the financial damages that could occur in case of a malpractice lawsuit: you would have to pay legal fees, compensation for the bodily or psychological injuries sustained by the patient, and even punitive damages if the patient has sustained very serious injuries or deceased. Although most states have imposed caps on medical malpractice damages, the capped sums are still very high – typically, between $250K and $2M. These damages include the costs of both past and future medical treatments, compensation for the patient’s suffering, and even loss of income reimbursement. Punitive damages remain uncapped in many states.

Protection against lawsuits

Moreover, taking the fall without the help offered by medical marijuana insurance could also damage your reputation. Even if you aren’t at fault, your patients might turn to other physicians in the event of a lawsuit against you.

Tailored to your requirements

Medical marijuana insurance can be tailored to your needs, depending on the types of cannabis therapy you recommend to your patients. Your pre-existing medical malpractice insurance policy is taken into consideration when discussing the details of the medical marijuana insurance that best suits your needs. After the assessment of your specific circumstances, risks, and business needs, you will receive a quote for your insurance policy. While there is a cost associated with medical marijuana insurance, it pales in comparison with the amounts awarded as compensatory and punitive damages in malpractice lawsuits. Why would you risk losing everything you worked for? Cover all your cannabis-related medical activities with our medical marijuana insurance.

Focus on what you do best

Protecting yourself with Marijuana Insurance Agent’s medical marijuana insurance means you can work without interruptions, damages to your reputation, or enormous financial losses. Instead, you can focus on providing pain relief and helpful treatments to your patients. They are the ones who need your attention and care – let the insurance company handle the rest.