Insurance policies tailored to the specific needs of your marijuana-related business.


Growers Insurance

As a cannabis farmer, you have to protect your plants through various stages of their life cycle. By opting for our Marijuana Growers Insurance you can make sure that the time and effort invested in planting, harvesting and processing your marijuana crops will not go to waste.

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Dispensary Insurance

Marijuana dispensaries handle cannabis and money, and business owners need to protect both. Our Marijuana Dispensary Insurance package includes coverage for your property, products, money, and securities. In the unfortunate event of robbery or theft, you can recover your financial losses and continue running your business.

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Doctors Insurance

We know that you are committed to saving lives, while recommending the best remedies to your patients. Unfortunately, patients can also view you as the culprit if their health deteriorates after using therapies endorsed by you. To avoid the enormous costs associated with such claims and the ensuing lawsuits, you can opt for our Medical Marijuana M.D. Insurance.

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Laboratory Insurance

If you are renting your property to a cannabis business, such as a grower or a dispensary, a certain degree of risk is involved. Choose our Cannabis Industry Lessor’s Risk Insurance & Commercial Property Insurance to minimize your risk by protecting your commercial property against damages in the event of fire, theft or other issues.

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Infused Product Manufacturers

Our Cannabis Testing Laboratory Insurance is designed to protect marijuana testing laboratories in case of negligence claims and various types of damage (e.g. property damage, contamination, spoilage, mechanical malfunctions). We also offer Excess Liability coverage to your business to help you with the high costs associated with the replacement or repair of specialized equipment.

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Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you are producing cannabis-infused edible treats or lip balms, you have to be aware of the fact that you can be held liable for any minor flaw in the design or manufacturing process of your products. With our Cannabis Infused Product Manufacturers Insurance that liability is lifted off your shoulders. Additionally, you will have coverage in the event of damage to your property or loss of income.

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Ancillary Business Insurance

Our Ancillary Marijuana Business Insurance is designed to help both vendors and manufacturers, and is tailored to the specific needs of each company. We know that vehicles, employees and products can be damaged in various situations (even on the road), so we offer an insurance package that starts with General Liability and ends with Cargo & Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

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Marijuana Insurance Agent has been established as an insurance company for businesses that operate in the marijuana industry. We aim to protect various types of businesses through our insurance policies. We offer our services to cannabis growers, marijuana dispensaries, medical doctors, property owners, laboratories and manufacturers of infused and ancillary products throughout the U.S.A.
Our mission is to serve a growing industry that is often overlooked by other insurance companies – that is why we have developed insurance policies that are tailored to the specific needs of your marijuana-related business.


Property 64
Manufacturers 20
Liability 76
Ancillary Business 50