Are you in need of medical or recreational marijuana growers insurance? If you’re concerned with covering your crop against the unexpected, then the answer is yet. Marijuana growers insurance is designed to offer support when you need it most. Cannabis crops can be devastated by natural hazards, technical malfunctions or even criminal activity. Hundreds of hours of work and thousands of plants can be destroyed in a matter of minutes, along with their monetary value.

Insuring your plants is the best method of protection against the unpredictability of disastrous occurrences that could destroy not only your crops, but your entire cultivation business. Without a good insurance policy, getting your business back on its feet can be near impossible. The longer it takes to get crop back on track, the more customers you will lose.



Cultivation insurance is aimed at businesses that wish to protect their marijuana plants. Our policies protect your plants throughout the entire growth cycle, offering coverage for plants at all the following stages:

Your medical and recreational marijuana growers insurance can offer coverage for a host of possible dangers, such as:

  • Living Marijuana Plants – Marijuana seeds, seedlings, recently planted marijuana, and mature plants in the later stages of growth

  • Harvested Marijuana Plants – Marijuana that has been harvested, but not yet processed; plants that are being dried or cured, and are on their way to becoming finished products

  • Finished Product – Marijuana that has gone through all the stages of processing (harvesting and drying), and is ready to be sold

  • Natural Hazards and Damages – lightning, hail, windstorms

  • Technical Malfunctions – water damage caused by accidental plumbing discharges or other devices used in the cultivation of marijuana plants (e.g. air conditioning, heating); damage caused by malfunctioning automated fire safety systems, irrigation systems, and sprinklers

  • Criminal Activity – vandalism and theft that has taken place at your cultivation facilities

  • Damage caused by fire, smoke and explosions

Tailored to Your Business

Additionally, the marijuana growers insurance can be tailored to suit your specific business needs. Depending on the location of your cultivation facilities, your crop could be more exposed to certain dangers than others.

Before receiving your insurance policy, your cultivation facilities must pass an inspection. All equipment and devices should be in proper working order. The state of the electrical architecture of the facilities should also be satisfactory.

Additionally, you will need to have a security system installed at the facilities. The security system should consist of surveillance cameras, motion detectors, burglar alarms, fire/smoke alarms, and an external monitoring station.

In order to maintain insurance compliance, you will have to keep the equipment, devices, electrical architecture, and security systems in good working order at all times.

Contact us for any additional queries. Request a quote today, and make sure that your crops are protected by Marijuana Insurance Agent’s growers insurance.