Insurance Costs Increasing for Cannabus Businesses as Investors File Lawsuits

Some investors have soured over their cannabis investments in the U.S. and Canada and are filing lawsuits when businesses fail to meet expectations, which as a result is increasing the cost of insurance for the [...]

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Cannabusinesses Review Insurance Coverage Following Riot Damages

The protests, and coinciding civil unrest and vandalism, that spread across the U.S. in recent weeks didn’t skip cannabis businesses. In fact, both medical and recreational adult-use cannabis dispensaries experienced looting. Some victims say the [...]

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Cannabis Dispensaries Nationwide Looted During Peaceful Protests Against Police Brutality

The protests and demonstrations following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police have been developing all across the country, and at least 50 cannabis dispensaries have been targeted for burglary in the midst of [...]

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LA Hash Oil Explosion Injures 11 Firefighters and Destroys Firetruck

Downtown Los Angeles was the scene of a hash oil explosion in May that injured firefighters and started a fire that spread to nearby structures, and authorities suspect foul play. The Los Angeles Police Department [...]

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COVID-19 Relief Bill Contains Provisions Of Cannabis Business Insurance

Some progress is better than no progress at all. While marijuana advocates, industry stakeholders, and lawmakers have been actively promoting the inclusion of cannabis businesses into COVID-19 related legislation, some forward motion has been made. [...]

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How The Cannabis Industry Will Be Affected By COVID-19

The cannabis industry has been hit hard by COVID-19, as has every other industry, and will continue to feel its impact in the years to come. Although a brief surge in sales at the beginning [...]

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What Impact Will COVID-19 Have On Cannabis Business Insurance?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every country as stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines are issued in an attempt to reduce the rate of infection, and the cannabis industry is one of many industries that [...]

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The Importance Of Insurance Policies For Directors and Officers In The Cannabis Industry

Cannabis companies have more freedom to choose their resources and even their bank than ever before, but there is an often-forgotten vulnerability that could affect the personal assets of the owners--civil litigation. Sometimes when a [...]

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California Insurance Commissioner Pushing Forward Cannabis Industry Regulations

California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara and his working group are writing a how-to guide for other states on how to regulate insurance for the cannabis industry. Lara is the state insurance commissioner, which means he [...]

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String of Burglaries at Washington Dispensaries Prompts State to Remove Map

There’s such a thing as too much information, and Washington state cannabis businesses may have learned that the hard way. The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) website used to feature a map of [...]

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