Unknown Gaps In Standard Insurance Policies Can Leave Cannabis Businesses Unprotected

Cannabis-related businesses can’t just get by with a basic business liability policy, whether you’re a farmer, a dispensary, a distributor or somewhere else along the seed-to-sale journey. When shopping for insurance policies, cannabis-related businesses often [...]

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How To Ensure Your Cannabis Business Is Covered With Product Liability Insurance

From cannabis farm to processor to packager to distributor to dispensary to consumer, there are many points along the supply chain. But no matter where your business is in that chain, you face significant risk [...]

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How The CLAIM Act Would Reduce Gaps In Insurance Coverage

A federal bill built to open up insurance access to the cannabis industry is moving through Congress, but can this bill do what it promises? Called the Clarifying Law Around Insurance of Marijuana (CLAIM) Act, [...]

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A Second Bill To Expand Insurance Coverage Access For Marijuana Businesses Introduced This Month

Another federal, bipartisan bill has entered the arena to bring insurance access to more cannabis-related businesses, joining several others that cover other aspects of the industry, but it remains to be seen what will actually [...]

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Bipartisan Bill Would Increase Insurance Coverage Access To Marijuana Businesses

The insurance industry has few options for cannabis-related businesses due to federal prohibition, even though these businesses have a strong need for insurance protection, and Congress now looks like it’s planning to do something about [...]

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Early Cannabis Insurance Claims Experience Looks Promising

Cannabis insurance is a budding, young market, and early fears about high claim rates have turned to optimism as reality has played out post-legalization in individual states. When a new insurance market emerges, it’s common [...]

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Could Captive Insurance Be A Solution For Cannabis Businesses?

Cannabis is a growing billion-dollar industry but the insurance sector only offers a limited range of coverage (when they offer any at all). But what if cannabis companies could band together to create their own [...]

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